TelPro is a cellular and wireless IoT system used for the collection, monitoring and analysis of data. The TelPro transmits the data in real-time securely to the cloud turning raw data into actionable data. TelPro includes advanced customizable dashboards to display a variety of parameters for many types of applications and industries. The TelPro can trigger actions such as SMS and email alerts or the starting of other systems.

  • Wireless cellular active monitoring and control solution for any kind of industrial and commercial applications
  • User customizable dashboards
  • Triggering actions on monitored events and thresholds
  • Up to 16 wired and 70 wireless channels
  • Worldwide license-free 433MHz RF ISM band
  • 4 analog and 8 digital inputs (including up to 4 pulse counters) for measuring, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.
  • 5 output channels for triggering sub systems
  • Up to 4 temperature sensors - 1 wire
  • Geographical location
  • Actionable alert email, text message, local activation outputs
  • Fast and cable-free installation and setup
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