Efficiency, Productivity, and Reduced Cost in Rubber Manufacturing

TelPro monitoring and control technologies can give you the edge in the industry by digitizing and automating your control over quality and production costs:

  • Reduces waste using continual, real-time quality monitoring, that indicates when your process needs correction, and automatically stops production over IoT to allow adjustments
  • Avoids production overruns with exact quantity measurements
  • Measures energy costs to adjust your pricing model
  • Uses cellular communication for reliable data transmission from any location
  • Uses IoT technology and bidirectional communication to send your data to the cloud, analyze it, and based on the results, send instructions back to your equipment
  • Securely uploads and stores your data in the cloud
TelPro provides complete systems, from measurement to automation to reporting, to make your processes more efficient, more exact, more predictable, and more profitable.