Case Study: How an electricity distribution company used Elec3Pro for early detection of potential and actual grid failures and fluctuations in real-time; to establish failure prevention measures; to quickly locate actual failures and shorten repair time; to significantly reduce grid maintenance cost and down time; and to improve customer satisfaction.

The challenge

Electricity distribution companies continually monitor the high and medium voltage grid (such as 140kV, 12kV) to detect failures or fluctuations, so that they can be quickly discovered and repaired.

However, they do not monitor failures or fluctuations on the low voltage grid (3 Phase x 220V) supplied to end users. The electricity distribution companies do not have a means of detecting failures such as failure of a single phase, or insufficient voltage. They can only learn of these failures from customers, and use their information to locate the failures.

If only a single customer complains, the issue is given a low priority, with an understanding that the issue might be with the customer’s wiring, not the grid. The issue won’t be resolved until a company representative visits the customer’s home, resulting in extended poor electrical service for that customer and their neighbors.

The challenge for the electricity distribution company is to:

  • Detect power failures and fluctuations on the lowest voltage level as they occur
  • Pinpoint the location of the failure
  • Send a team to solve the problem before a customer notices it

The requirements

We were asked to find power fluctuations or failures on the 3 Phase X 220 V electric lines at the junction point of low voltage distribution to end users. This point is located in a factory or neighborhood electrical cabinet, where high voltage (12kV) is transformed to low voltage (3 X 220V) and from there supplied to customers.

Company management asked to be alerted upon failure of any one of the 3 Phases, or when a phased fluctuated beyond a specific range (e.g. L is in the range of /<69V/69-107V/107-172V/172-253V/>253V).

The company also required that all the monitored locations be displayed on a map with real time data to enable simultaneous viewing of voltages, failures, and locations.

The dream scenario was that the company would see the whole grid on the country map and understand the current status to:

  • Proactively fix failures and stop the dependence on end users to report failures
  • Dispatch the closest repair crew to a failure location in real time
  • Manage support teams efficiently
  • Keep the low voltage grid downtime to a minimum
  • Reduce grid maintenance cost
  • Satisfy the customer with greater reliability, in many cases repairing the failure before the customer notices it

The Elec3Pro solution

We provided technology to measure the needed parameters:

  • A 3-phase sensor to measure the voltage fluctuations and to detect failure
  • GPS, to report the location of the failure
  • A cloud-based solution to provide real time data on a map
  • Using Cellular and IoT Technologies

The locations are continuously monitored, and the system uploads the data to the cloud. The location of each Elec3Pro 3 Phase Sensor is displayed on the map. The status of each phase (no voltage, missing phase, poor voltage, normal voltage, over voltage) is visible on the map in the sensor’s location, to enable immediate dispatch of a repair team if an issue develops.

The result: Reduced grid down time, early detection of potential failures to enable preventative maintenance, improved efficiency of maintenance teams, improved customer service, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced grid maintenance cost.

The Elec3Pro advantage

This is how Elec3Pro improved the quality, support, and economic efficiency of the electricity distribution company’s grid. This specific solution can easily be applied to other electricity distribution companies, worldwide. Contact us to learn how Elec3Pro can help you predict and detect failures in the grid, provide better service, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Electricity Network

Figure 1: Elec3Pro 3-Phase Sensor in Electrical Cabinet in Electricity Network

Elec3Pro 3-Phase Sensor - 1 Unit Dashboard

Figure 2: Elec3Pro 3-Phase Sensor - 1 Unit Dashboard

Elec3Pro 3-Phase Sensor – All Units Dashboard

Figure 3: Elec3Pro 3-Phase Sensor – All Units Dashboard

Elec3Pro 3-Phase Sensor

Figure 4: Elec3Pro 3-Phase Sensor