Case Study: How TelPro improved quality control, reduced waste, and decreased production costs in a Rubber Factory, in Thailand

The challenge

A Rubber factory in Thailand had 20 years of experience producing rubber, and a reputation based on the quality of their product. During that period, they monitored their product post production. That meant that they could not confirm the quantity or quality of the rubber until the job was done. Frequently, the quantity of the order was exceeded. If the quality was below spec, the product was discarded and the job rerun. The result was waste, and unpredictable costs for each batch. Further, the energy costs for each batch of rubber were unknown, leading to additional uncertainty in the cost of production.

The requirements

We were asked to drastically reduce the uncertainty in quantity, quality, and energy costs for rubber production. Management also requested easy and secure access to the data from any location, both for management analysis, and for the all-important real-time monitoring on the factory floor. The dream scenario was that the factory’s systems would automatically react to incoming data to:

  • Stop production and correct issues within seconds if there’s a quality issue, such as incorrect rubber thickness
  • Stop production at exactly the moment when the needed quantity is reached
  • Accurately monitor energy usage

The TelPro solution

We provided technology to measure the needed parameters:

  • A mechanism to measure thickness, the primary quality indicator
  • A digital length counter, to measure quantity
  • A current sensor, to measure power consumption

All of these parameters are measured during production, and reported to a cloud-based data management system. Production managers can view the data in real-time, and stop or adjust product runs in response to the information. More importantly, they can set quantity and quality limits that enable TelPro to automatically halt a product run when rubber thickness was not to spec, or when the desired quantity was reached.

The result: Less waste, more predictability of production capabilities and energy costs, and lower production costs.

The TelPro advantage

This is just one example of how TelPro can measure production parameters to improve quality and reduce costs. This specific solution can easily be applied to other rubber factories, and TelPro can provide solutions for many industries. Contact us to learn how TelPro can help you monitor processes, reduce waste, and increase profitability.

Rubber Factory Dashboard of TelPro System with Sensors

Figure 1 : Rubber Factory Dashboard of TelPro System with Sensors

Rubber Factory Production Belt with TelPro System

Figure 2: Rubber Factory Production Belt with TelPro System

TelPro System with Current Sensors to measure cost of production

Figure 3: TelPro System with Current Sensors to measure cost of production