Increased Reliability, Reduced Grid Cost and Downtime, and Improved Customer Satisfaction in Electricity Distribution

In Electricity Distribution early detection of grid failures and fluctuations in order to reduce grid downtime and cost is a necessity.
TelPro monitoring and control technologies enable you to distribute electricity reliably, with minimal fluctuations or power outages, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

  • Real-time continuous monitoring detects power failures and fluctuations on the low voltage distribution level as they occur, enabling much faster repair and much lower grid downtime
  • Uses GPS to pinpoint the location and nature of the failure
  • Stops the dependence on end users to report failures
  • Detects missing phase, poor voltage, no voltage, normal voltage, and over voltage
  • Manage support teams efficiently and reduce the grid maintenance cost
  • Satisfy the customer with greater reliability, in many cases repairing the failure before the customer notices it
Elec3Pro provides complete systems, from measurement to analysis to reporting, to make your processes more efficient, more exact, more predictable, and more profitable.