The Elec3Pro is a 3 Phase Electricity Sensor Reporting System designed for low voltage cabinets and used for monitoring and detecting power fluctuations and failures on the grid. The Elec3Pro connects to the electric company’s central station via a built-in cellular modem.

  • Detects 5 different voltage levels
  • SUPER CAPACITORs to report the last power failure
  • Built-in temperature sensor for cabinet fire detection
  • Triggered alarms
    • 5 voltage levels
    • Temperature thresholds
  • Cellular network connectivity
    • Uploads of all measured data to the cloud
    • Geographical location on a map to track the location of the failure
  • Bluetooth connection for maintenance
  • Secure communications
    • SSL and certificate
    • On application: session id, password
    • TR50 (TIA)
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