Increased fish production, better quality, healthier fish, and reduced cost in aquaculture farming

In aquaculture farming, monitoring temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) level is critical in order to increase fish production quantities and to produce healthier fish.

TelPro monitoring and control technologies enable you to measure temperature and DO level to keep DO in the saturated range, resulting in improved yields.

  • Accurately monitor temperature level, which directly affects DO
  • Automatically start or stop the injection of oxygen in the fish cage to keep DO at saturated levels
  • Reduce fish mortality by controlling the DO level
  • Increase production quantities in order to meet the constantly increasing demand
  • Produce healthier fish in compliance with regulations
  • Satisfy the aquaculture farmer with real-time information that is securely available everywhere, allowing better monitoring and control of the production in the farm

TelPro provides complete systems, from measurement to automation to reporting, to make your processes more efficient, more exact, more predictable, and more profitable.